Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Prayer candles

We have been doing prayer candles!
If you would like to do some prayer candles you might need:
  • a lit fire,
  • a load of candles
  • paper and pens
So what are prayer candles?
well prayer candles are candles (as you might of guessed!)

how do you do this activity?
well its simple! All you have to do is sit quietly and ask god to give you a person to pray for. Then you write it on a piece of paper, scrunch it up, (for this part you will need a lit fire) and then throw it in the fire and watch it burn, so that you can reflect on what they need praying for. 
(for this part you will need a load of candles!)
Then light a candle to show the light of the world (god) cares.

Some things that you need to do prayer candles with
  • patience
  • peace
  • a quiet space

you might want to do prayer candles with some quiet worship.

by Bluebell

Intro to the blog

OOh exciting, a brand new blog! I (red) have written a few over the years but this one is me and 2 of my kids blogging together. All this info below is on the 'about us' page but we thought it would be good to start with an intro to why we're doing this, so here it is...

Who We Are
We are a family on a journey of prayer, well I guess the title tells you that anyway, but as a family we just want to grow more in our walk with God and learn more about prayer and we thought we'd write about it along the way.

Three of us will be blogging here, me - Mum - also known as Red and my daughter - Bluebell, and son - The Seagull. Yes of course these are 'pen names' because I'm also teaching my kids about internet safety so for the time being we'll be using nicknames. That isn't to say this will be an entirely anonymous blog and of course we want it to be a blessing and maybe a help to all who read it, so do get in touch, comment and chat, we'd love to know your thoughts!

The Blog
we are a family of Christians and as a parent I want to teach my children about having a real, living faith in Jesus, not just one they learn out of a book. So each week we spend time doing prayer or bible study together. I already blog elsewhere but my daughter suggested we did a prayer blog to share some of the things we are doing. Having spent much time looking for new and exciting things for them to try in prayer and bible study I agreed that this might actually be useful for others too, well that's what were hoping anyway. So we are going to blog our prayer times and share some of our thoughts. You will know who has written each post as we'll sign them, although I expect the spelling and grammar might give it away...! Happy reading (and praying...)